Introducing Credit Assess -Credit Score and Report plus income & expenditure report, straight to the desktop in minutes!

Credit Assess - an online tool for mortgage advisers, using Open Banking technology to deliver the consumer's online credit score, digital credit report & bank statements, saves you time and creates confidence. I'd like a demo
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Save time and costs

Enables mortgage advisers in minutes, to obtain the consumer’s credit and banking information securely.

Create efficiency

Speed of delivery creates time and cost efficiencies by streamlining the advice process

Create confidence

Secure white-labelled 100% online portal, creating confidence with clients and prospects

How it Works

Credit Assess allows an adviser to establish a customer’s true credit standing quickly and easily as part of their standard advisory process. The adviser can request the customer undertake the service to analyse their credit file without leaving a visible footprint. The outcome is delivered to both the customer and the instructing adviser, allowing them to tailor advice accordingly.

The Credit Assess analysis and result output is a valuable tool for targeting the most appropriate lenders and products available to all customer types.

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