Credit Assess:

The first B2B white-labeled solution supplying consolidated income & expenditure report + credit history straight to desktop in seconds. Credit Assess provides the information the lender sees before they see it! Register before the end of 2020 for an introductory offer of free training with no annual payment Register Here
Credit Assess Benefits


mortgage advisers in minutes to obtain the consumer’s credit and banking information securely.


mortgage advisers in determining the most appropriate recommendations while reducing advisory time and costs.


mortgage advisers to select and recommend the most appropriate mortgage or loan option as part of the advisory process.

Easy & Fast

  • Consumer online credit score and digital reports in minutes

  • Open Banking – allowing consumers bank account statements to be accessed and reported upon. Download our handy guide

  • Speed of delivery makes the output from Credit Assess available to end users within minutes

  • Easy to view and navigate digital credit report

  • Pre-qualifies applicants prior to a formal advisory process commencing

  • Assesses a consumer’s risk profile prior to submitting to the lender of choice

100% Secure

  • White-labelled to your brand

  • 100% online solution – no face-to-face required

  • No visible credit footprint recorded on the credit file

  • 100% secure for the consumer and the mortgage advisory company

  • Secure portal allowing all documentation to be accessed internally and externally

  • Integration to 3rd party legacy system. I.e. CRM and POS

Pre-qualify your client

1  Client requires financial advice

2  Mortgage adviser sends their client a link via email

3  Client simply clicks the link to authorise the check

4  The mortgage adviser and the client receive an
online credit score, credit report and bank statements

in 4 easy steps

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